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12 May 2019
Cheerful day. Constantly come to you in the Park with their children - a lot of positive emotions, there is something to see, where to walk, good organization of the Park area (in terms of wheelchairs direct veri friendly!). The only request - to make room for mother and child (well, or make a folding table in the closet). Thank you!
Good day! Thank you for your feedback, we have a room with changing table. It is on the third floor of the hotel Riviera, opposite the children's play room. We apologize for what has created a bit of unease. We look forward to seeing you again.
16 December 2018
We Express our deep gratitude to the organization of the event! According to the unanimous opinion of all employees, this year we had the best in recent years, corporate. Thank you for giving us this Christmas mood and joy! Special thanks to the best, most talented , most beautiful ,Olga! How can be combined so many good qualities in one person! Olga, thank you from our entire team! A special thank you to all the staff who accompanied our entire evening! And I would also like to Express my immense gratitude and special tribute to the leadership of the Squatting, Bakanova Alexander Valerievich! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to gather in the very Central part of Khabarovsk city on the ZAIMKA!!!!
Victoria, thank you for your kind words! Glad to see your friendly team again! The prosperity of your team and prosperity! With Respect to the head of sales Natalia Makarova.
26 November 2018
Good afternoon. Lovely weekend, comfortable room, clean air, delicious Breakfast. Thank You for being there and developing. Success To You.
Sergey, good afternoon and thank you for your feedback! Come visit us again, because ahead of us a full-bodied winter season! With Respect to the head of sales Simon.
12 October 2018
I would like to Express my gratitude to the entire complex! All employees and managing staff! Thank you for your efforts and labors invested in our favorite "Zaimoku"!!! Next week we move to the West, but we will always remember you with only good words! Here both my married son, often came with their grandchildren, there was not one event that we missed! Zaimka is a real gem of Khabarovsk Krai! We wish you further prosperity and growth. With deep Respect Valentina Snegireva
Dear Valentina! Thank You for your kind words! Very nice when our efforts are so appreciated! Always happy to see You in your "Zimocca"! All the best to You! With Respect to the head of sales Simon
05 September 2018
Every year, traditionally, all family we go to our favorite "Challenges". Be sure to select August, because it's time to leave and immediately after it, go to the sea.
We always husband and I are trying to think more positive and children raised in the same spirit. Maybe that's why in our beloved Village, we see only good! You can see how the people put soul in our dear far-Eastern area. Always will recommend this place and hope that our grandchildren to continue this tradition-a little trip to the "Settlement" With Respect to the staff family Nikiforov.
Elena, Hello! And thank you for such heartfelt words! We are very pleased that you and your family have become our regular guests! Come visit us often, because in winter we have so much entertainment that You will surely enjoy it! With Respect to the head of sales Semyon Valeryevich.
15 July 2018
Good day! periodically come to visit you, we love, children do not want to leave. Thank you for the respect and wish you further prosperity!!!
Julia, good afternoon and thank you for your kind words! We are very pleased! Will be waiting for you always! With Respect to the property.
Julia A.,
07 July 2018
We love to come to you on vacation!! Overall rating I would put excellent but there are some shortcomings in detail. I sincerely wish the further development and improvement of services!!
Thank You for taking the time to write a review We are delighted for your overall score! We work daily to improve the level of professionalism of our staff. We sincerely hope your next visit to our hotel will leave You only positive emotions and You will remain a guest of our hotel in the future! Our Manager will contact you to learn about our shortcomings and eliminate them. Sincerely Administration
25 June 2018
Good day! First visited Your hotel complex at the rate "Romantic night" room 418 since June 22-23. Overall I liked everything: polite helpful staff - professionals, nice, clean, apartment with a gorgeous view. Check in and check out was very fast. We arrived 30 minutes early (17:30), settled without problems. For that special thank You. Spa visited. Liked it very much. The restaurant was not. Thank You Very Much! Will be back to You.
Ilya, we are glad that the stay in the hotel complex "Riviera" gave You a positive impression. Thank you for your review and we hope to see You again! In turn, the administration and staff will do everything possible for a comfortable and positive leisure guests and are always happy to go to a meeting! Definitely, next time, waiting for you to visit the restaurant and try the desserts from our chef! With Respect to the management of the hotel.
29 December 2017
Good day! I Sergei Bersenev, Khabarovsk, is a frequent guest Lodges. Stayed with his beloved in 402 and 426 in room 17 and 24 December. We had a lovely weekend, the weather was wonderful, polite, helpful staff, great Breakfast! Peace and tranquility! Soul is just resting! Will definitely visit again in our favorite 402 and 426 rooms! Happy New Year!
07 October 2017
In the summer, lived in hostel "Riviera" a little over a month. I would like to say a big thanks to the girls administrators! This month they became our second family, and the hostel is a second home! Girls always tell you where to go, how to get or any other question! Thank you for such a warm welcome! If I have time in your city, then without hesitation choose the "Riviera"!